Points to note regarding installation

Engagement of supporting materials

When using the H system, bear in mind the engagement of supporting materials, and maintain a distance of at least h from the lower surface of the slab to the pipe center.
The installation method changes if a distance of at least h cannot be secured


Please contact us regarding seismic isolation amounts of 800mm

Number Details
1300mm or more

<h:Installation method if h of at least 1,300 mm cannot be secured>

Valid h distance for the above installation

Material Seismic isolation
Rubber 300~600 700
700 1000
Metal・fluoro carbon polymer materials 300~500 700
600 800
700 1100

Extraction strength of supporting materials anchor bolts

TOZEN will select the appropriate anchor bolts.
The calculation method for anchor bolt extraction strength is as follows.

Specifications of control suspension built-in coil spring

Model Standard hangers weight
Allowable deflection amount:δ
Spring constant
TZM-25(S) 25 300 0.5
TZM-100(S) 100 300 2.0

Calculation of anchor bolt extraction strength

  • X: Piping horizontal movement amount (seismic isolation amount)
    L1: Piping suspension distance
    L2: Piping suspension distance in the event of horizontal movement
    L3: Control suspension operation absorption amount
  • X=()mm (design seismic isolation amount)
    L1: Refer to the various H system set diagrams
    Control suspension deflection amount under static load
    Total control suspension deflection amount during an earthquake
    K: Control suspension spring constant
    w:Weight of elbow piping and seismic isolation joints
    OK if δ`<300mm here
  • ●Tension working on 1 anchor bolt
    R=δ` × K/n・・・(kgf)
    δ`:Control suspension deflection amount during an earthquake
    K:Control suspension spring constant
    n:Number of anchor bolts (normally n=2)
  • ●Selection of anchor bolts
    Please use anchor bolts or inserts which satisfy the R value above.
    Please also refer to Building Installed Equipment Earthquake‐Resistant Design and Installation Guidelines (edited by The Building Center of Japan) when selecting anchor bolts.