Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

TOZEN Group, in view of the expanding use of personal information as the advanced information communication society develops, will endeavor to protect the rights and interests of individuals, taking into consideration the usability of personal information.

TOZEN Group will comply with the laws and ordinances relating to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, as well as endeavor to protect personal information based on the spirit of the Act.

TOZEN Group will formulate internal provisions regarding the management of personal information and endeavor to conduct appropriate protection of personal information through notification to employees in line with various laws and ordinances, as well as carrying out training and education activities. Furthermore, we will endeavor to continually revise and improve this policy and internal regulations.

1. Purpose of use of personal information

When personal information is provided to us, we will use it within the scope of the following purposes.

【Purpose of use of personal information】

  1. Introduction and sale of our products including various joints and seismic isolation systems which we manufacture and sell, as well as concluding and managing agreements
  2. Introduction, provision, sale, and management of products, technology, and know-how other than (1) above
  3. Introduction, provision, and management of services provided with or related to the above (1) and (2)
  4. Introduction of products and services, etc. which TOZEN group companies and affiliated companies etc. provide
  5. Response to inquiries and requests, etc.

2. Disclosure of personal information to a third party

We will not, excluding the conditions below, disclose personal information to a third party under any circumstances.

When consent has been given by the relevant individual

  • When, based on the inquiry by the relevant individual, we have determined that it is appropriate for our affiliated companies etc. to answer/respond to the inquiry
  • When it is necessary to disclose the information to subcontractors and/or cooperating companies with which we have concluded a nondisclosure agreement in advance for the collection purposes clearly stated to the relevant individual
  • When it is necessary to disclose the personal information to financial institutions and other institutions for the sale of products etc.
  • When the disclosure to a third party is permitted based on laws and ordinances, or policies and guidelines, etc.
  • When the disclosure to a third party is permitted based on laws and ordinances, or policies and guidelines, etc.

Furthermore, when we provide or entrust the processing of personal information held to a third party, we will give consideration to the selection of the target of provision or entrustment, as well as conducting necessary supervision, etc. to ensure appropriate and secure protection measures are carried out in a manner similar to handling by TOZEN.

3. Management of personal information

We will manage personal information appropriately, and take preventative and safety measures against inappropriate access as well as loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc. of personal information.

Furthermore, will we continue to conduct internal training regarding the protection and appropriate handling of personal information.

4. Inquiries regarding personal information

If an individual wishes to refer to/correct/delete their own personal information, we will respond to the request promptly based on our specified procedures.

5. Compliance with and revisions to laws and regulations

We comply with the laws and regulations applying to the handling of personal information, and will continually endeavor to improve initiatives to protect personal information.

6. Contact

For comments and questions on the policy and handling of personal information, please contact us using the details below.


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