TOZEN PTH-G vibration isolating rubber hangers are designed to reduce the transmission of vibration and noise produced by suspended equipment, piping and ductwork. PTH-G hangers incorporated with a noise absorbing rubber insert with cast-in load transfer plate at the top and bottom, assembled into a steel box. Ultimate design of PTH-G hanger rubbers allows greater deflection without accelerating deterioration. PTH-G hangers are available in deflection maximum up to 6 mm with capacities from 25 Kgs to 450 Kgs. PTH-G rubber hangers may be selected where first cost must be minimized. MODEL PTH-G is recommended for the isolation of vibration produced by suspended mechanical equipment, axial and exhausts fans, ductwork, piping, etc. Double deflection model PTH-GG adds another rubber element at the top of the hanger box.


TOZEN PTH-G vibration-isolating hangers are used to isolate suspended sources of audible frequency vibration, or isolation of noise in piping and ductwork systems. Model PTH-G hangers are shipped fully assembled and ready for installation in threaded rod suspended systems. Model PTH-G hangers can be provided with labor saving accessories for adaptation to wire or strap suspension systems.


Vibration isolators for suspended equipment, piping and ductwork with maximum static deflection requirements under operation load conditions not exceeding 6 mm shall be hangers consisting of a neoprene or synthetic rubber noise absorbing insert encased in a welded steel box.
The rubber insert shall be moulded from oil resistant compounds with cast in load transfer plate at the top and bottom, shall be color-coded or otherwise identified to indicate load capacity.
Vibration isolating rubber hanger assembly shall be Model PTH-G, as manufactured by Tozen Sangyo Co., Ltd.

PTH-G Series