SEQULEX2 H system

Demonstrates high seismic isolation performance in combination with suspension and joints

This system absorbs the movement of another supporting member by displacement of the seismic isolation joint. The spring contained in the control suspension also absorbs displacement in the vertical direction.


For drainage, storm sewage, drains, and pump-up drainage


Operating condition

Maximum working pressure: 1.0MPa
Operating temperature: 60°C – 70°C


Maximum working pressure: 1.4 – 2.8MPa
Max. working temperature: 150 °C and less


Maximum working pressure: 0.6 – 1.0MPa
Max. working temperature: 100 °C and less


Applicable line

Water supply, sewage, waste water, rainwater, ventilation, cold & warm water, warm water, cold water, etc.

10K: Fire water, water supply, cold and warm water, cold water, etc.

Hot water, high-temperature water, liquid medicine, etc.

20K: Fire water, water supply, oil, steam, cold and warm water, warm water, cold water, etc.

Nominal diameter

20A – 300A


Horizontal elastic function (long-span period)

Vibration-damping property

3D seismic isolation system function