TWINFLEX Screwed Type Rubber Joint can afford large defletion that you can hardly imagine.
It has various functions and are highly reliable.


This double sphere TWINFLEX rubber joint allows increased compression, elongation and angular movement. The unique double sphere design improves noise and vibration isolation and dampens hydraulic surge and shock. Refer to the Product Data Sheets for more information.

Key Benefits

• Compensate for Axial and lateral movement due to thermal changes.

• Isolate noise and vibration from piping system.

• Complete union assembly provided for ease of installation.

• No gasket needed for sealing area.

Typical Application

• TWINFLEX union type joints are used for connecting pipes and equipment where threaded union ends are preferred.

Operating Conditions
Size Range 1/2″ to 2″
Max. Pressure* 142 psig
Operating Temperature 14°F to 158°F
Vacuum Rating* 25″Hg
Burst Pressure* Greater than 780 psig

* at normal temperature of 80°F

High Efficiency for Vibration and Noise Isolation
The twin sphere makes the spring constant small, decreases the body natural frequency and increases the efficiency of vibration absorption.
It can withstand a bursting pressure of over 780 psi. Rubber body with maximum working pressure of 250 psi and with the combination of excellent formative technique and strong chemical fibre.
Large Displacement Absorption for Eccentricity, Axial Movement and Angular Movement

Since it can absorb large displacement, TWINFLEX screwed type flexible rubber joint is most appropriate for the protection of pipe line system. For example, it can prevent the destruction of connecting pipe due to arthquake and subsidence of ground.
Applicable for both Suction and Delivery
The joint fits for both suction and delivery.
Highly Reliable

The packing parts are strengthened with steel reinforcing rings to prevent the rubber body from slipping out of the fitting sides of flanges.
Convenient to install
When limited space is allowed for installation, the free type sockets can be screwed separately to pipe before fitting in the joint.


● This product is mainly applicable for piping systems in commercial and industrial buildings and plants.
● Applicable fluids are exclusively water including cold water, warm water, cooled water, sea water, etc.


Operating Conditions and Performance

● Check if maximum pressure and temperature are within the range of use.



No.  Parts  Material
1  Flange-A Ductile Iron
2  Flange-B Ductile Iron
3  Nut Q235A
4  Bolt Q235A
5  Rubber Body Synthetic Rubber
6  Inner Rubber Synthetic Rubber
7  Outer Rubber Synthetic Rubber
8  Reinforcing Cord Synthetic Fiber
9  Union Edge Ductile Iron
10  Washer Q235A
● The material of No.1,2 and 6 can be changeable to SUS304.
● If you would like to use our products for oil application,we can supply such
products by changing rubber material.Please contact us.


Dimensions and Allowable Movements
Nominal Dia. Dimension [mm] Allowable Movement [mm] Installation Tolerances [mm]
 mm inch L φd T.M A.E A.C. A.M. T.M A.E A.C. A.M.
 15  1/2  120  25 30 15  10  15 15°  6 3 6 7.5°
20 3/4 120 25 30 15 10 15 15° 6 3 6 7.5°
25  1 120 25 30 15 10 15 15° 6 3 6 7.5°
32 1 1/4 175 35 35 20 10 20 20° 8 3 6 7.5°
40 1 1/2 175 35 35 20 10 20 20° 8 3 6 7.5°
50  2 175 45 40 20 10 20 20° 8 3 6 7.5°

● T.M=Transverse Movement
● A.E=Axial Elongation
● A.C=Axial Compression
● A.M=Angular Movement


Connection Procedure
 Remove the bolt and disassemble flange A and socket from the main body.  Put flange A through the counterpart pipe.
Screw the socket to the counterpart pipe. Use bolts to connect flange A and B.

 Note:The contents of this catalogue are subject to change without notice.

Twinflex Screwed Series